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Ski Pants

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Do you want to know more about ski pants?

The materials with which ski clothing is made have evolved a lot over time and, in addition, this evolution has accelerated in recent years. Each season new fabrics and materials that combine safety and well-being appear to be able to practice skiing or snowboarding comfortably . Along with these fabrics have also evolved the pants.

How to choose outdoor pants?

Choosing a ski pants is not easy due to the diversity of models that exist and the materials with which they are made. In addition, it is important to distinguish the pants that will serve as outer layer and will protect you from the elements, from the thermal ones that will serve as your inner layer.

The inner layer is usually thermal and offer good perspiration. In particular, fabrics such as Polartec offer warmth and great perspiration so that the skin is not damp and cool, and insulation like PrimaLoft offer warmth, breathability and prevent cold from entering the interior of the garment.

The outer layer can be divided into three types:

- Waterproof : They are fabrics that do not let the rain pass and if, in addition, they allow the evacuation of the sweat, they fulfill this function perfectly. The best known technology with these characteristics is Gore-Tex , but more and more brands are introducing their own fabrics capable of fulfilling these characteristics. In spite of everything, the breathable concept in these layers must be treated with care, since waterproof pants, if you sweat a lot, will always retain some moisture inside. As added features, these membranes are usually resistant to abrasions and tears. It is important that the seams are heat sealed to prevent water seepage.

- Windbreaker : This function aims to prevent air from entering the interior and cooling us down. Garments with this feature are not waterproof, although some are treated to repel water. They tend to be more breathable than waterproof garments and the best-known manufacturer of these garments is Windstopper .

- Softshell : This type of garments has become fashionable for some time. It is a mixture between polar fabric and windproof membrane. This concept aims to reduce the number of layers and, therefore, the added weight. They are not usually waterproof although they are treated to repel water.

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