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The history of Skins began in 1996 at the hands of an Australian scientist who had an ambition, to do all the physical exercise he could do ten years ago: ski on treacherous tracks, pedal all day, or endure a tough football game, and still feel bulletproof. He began by noting that better blood circulation provides a greater performance of our body. By wrapping your muscles in a second skin, you could accelerate blood flow and increase the oxygen that reaches the muscles, improving their power, speed, endurance and recovery. It took five years to invent and perfect the first pair of Skins tights but it cost less than athletes around the world to go after them. Since Skins was born a decade ago, it has left the skin to help the athletes to overcome themselves because they love the sport and the spirit of the competition that achieves exceptional achievements, whether on open road, on the track, in the field, or in the bush. In Skins they have an innate respect for overcoming, for determination, passion and courage. Skins is inspired by the great sporting moments that remain forever in the minds of the fans. The love of sport, which has led Skins to create these innovative and intelligent products. Skins enhances human potential in a natural way, applying the correct compression in the right places. Skins accelerates blood flow and brings more oxygen to the active muscles. The obsession to be on the limit always going a step further, is what makes Skins one of the world's sport brands with greater recognition and innovation. Today Skins is known for athletes from different disciplines from more than 30 countries. The benefits of Skins have been underlined by numerous independent investigations, with multiple studies in the best medical journals.

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