SKLZ Pro Knit Mini Medium Resistance Band Black Red

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The SKLZ Pro Knit Mini Medium resistance band helps you improve mobility and strength for upper and lower body resistance training during workouts or warm-ups. Thinner bands are usually worn around the ankles for longer stride movements, but can also be placed around the wrists to activate the shoulders. Designed to be a versatile training tool for a variety of movements, bands will create the ideal amount of difficulty for effective training. After sweat training, the bands can be machine washed and are easy to clean.

- Intensity: Medium
- Durable, non-slip bands for lower body resistance training
- Comfortable fabric that stays in place during training and does not pinch or pull on the skin
- Can be used to add resistance during heating and stretching
- Strong and durable fabric
- Portable size and easy to clean
- Dimensions: 6.35 x 33 cm
Reference: SKLZ-0358

Quick Overview

Add stamina to your workouts.

Quick Overview

Add stamina to your workouts.
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