Sleep (rest and recovery) is crucial to your physical and mental performance and quality of life. At SleepAngel, they want to make sure you get comfortable, restful sleep every night in a clean environment. Their story began when the daughter of inventor David Woolfson contracted an infection caused by a dirty pillow. Watching her suffer motivated him to research cross-infection. He realised that pillows were the most critical part, because they are little mattresses for the head, and that's where you're most vulnerable: that's where you breathe, and the eyes, ears, nose and mouth are potential entry points for infections. He delved into the materials that transmit infections and invented PneumaPure Filter technology, the world's first range of barrier bed linen, which combines absolute barrier protection with airflow. It doesn't matter if you have allergies and/or are an athlete or someone who likes to rest in a clean bed. SleepAngel's filtered bedding will provide you with a risk-free environment conducive to the rest and recuperation you need and deserve.

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