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Slendertone is the world leader in muscle toning products. The toning products and Fitness Slendertone use the technology of electrostimulation to exercise and develop the muscles of women and men. The Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS is the technology used in the Slendertone abdominal belts that has been clinically proven to help obtain a flat and firm stomach in both men and women. The EMS technology used in Slendertone toning belts creates deep muscle contractions, replicating the way the body moves and exercises. The Slendertone abdominal toning belts use a variety of programs with different types of workouts that actively work the abdominal muscles to ensure maximum benefits in each workout. The technology of electronic muscle stimulation has been used for more than 40 years in hospitals, clinics and physiotherapeutic consultations around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. The Slendertone abdominal toning products work not only on visible muscles, but also on those that are more difficult to tone with conventional exercises. Activate, for example, the muscles rectus abdominis (abdominal), the obliques (those that shape the waist) and the transversus abdominis. The latter is the deepest abdominal muscle and wraps the abdomen like a corset. It is essential for stability in the lower back area and is usually very difficult to work with conventional exercises. Slendertone Fitness and toning products include a wide variety of models. While abdominal belts are extremely popular, arm and glute products are equally effective and increasingly appreciated. Slenderton toning products can be applied to arms, thighs, belly and face helping to tone the main body parts. The Slendertone belts are clinically proven and help to obtain a more sculpted and toned body, especially when combined with a regular routine of daily exercise and a healthy and balanced diet. The range of products for men includes Slendertone toning belts, which help achieve a firm stomach. A 20-minute session with the Slendertone belt is equivalent to a series of 120 sit-ups. And the best thing is that they can be used while watching TV or anywhere else. The range of products for women includes everything a modern woman needs to be in shape. If you want a flat stomach, toned buttocks, well defined arms or firm thighs, there is a specifically developed Slendertone product. For optimal results, the Slendertone training plan should be combined with a healthy diet and some exercise.

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