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SmartShake Revive Shaker Bottle 750 ml Pink

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The SmartShake Revive Shaker bottle is the next generation of water bottles, it's easy to carry and maintain. It includes the exclusive Fruit Infuser v2 that mixes fruits and berries with water to make a delicious and healthy fruit water.

Fruit infuser v2
The sharp spurs mix the fruit better. Mix your favourite fruits or berries with water to make a healthy vitamin-filled drink.

Shock absorbing rubber
makes it more stable and durable.

Stackable storage
The stackable storage compartment has a leak-proof lid which means it can be used separately or stacked in a tower.

Silent mixing
The mixing piece snaps into place in the lid and stays there securely. No rattling noises or small parts which are easy to lose.

Not bulky
The mixing piece perfectly breaks down lumps, even thick ingredients like eggs.

Volume: Bottle 750 ml, storage compartments 100 ml.

Material: PP, BPA- and DEHP-free Complies with EU and US food safety standards. Suitable for dishwasher and microwave.

How do you use a SmartShake? 
Your SmartShake works as a bottle, mixer (shaker) or place to store food. The large compartment at the top is perfect for liquids, while the middle compartment (with organiser) is great for storing vitamins, supplements or healthy snacks like berries, nuts, seeds etc. There are various ways to fill a SmartShake, and thanks to the different compartments, you can carry everything you need for a full day, all separately, but in all in the same container. 
To use the SmartShake as a mixer (shaker), just add ingredients according to manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the lid is screwed on down to the bottom and the lid is properly closed before mixing.

Can I store food in my SmartShake?
Yes, SmartShake shakers are designed, make and tested to fully comply with EU and US food regulations.

Can I mix warm liquids in my SmartShake?
Yes, but remember that very warm liquids could create pressure inside the bottle. The pressure could cause the lid to open suddenly and spill the contents.
When mixing ingredients, both cold and warm, keep a finger over the lid and take care when opening.
Always hold the shaker away from your face when opening the lid.

Is it safe to put the SmartShake in the freezer?
Yes. We recommend leaving plenty of space and the lid loose to allow the liquid to expand.

How do you clean a SmartShake?
We recommend washing your new SmartShake before using it. You can wash it by hand with warm water or put it into the top section of your dishwasher.

Should I worry about toxins (BPA) in my SmartShake?
No. SmartShake is made from BPA- and DEHP-free materials that are safe for storing food in.

Can I put my SmartShake in the microwave?
Yes, the SmartShake plastic is made for use in the microwave. But you need to remove the lid, cover and clasp before putting in the microwave. Don't heat water or other liquids more than the time recommended by the microwave manufacturers, as there is a risk of overheating liquids to above their boiling point. Overheated liquids can cause injury and/or the container could overheat.

Can I wash my SmartShake in the dishwasher?
Yes, you can wash your SmartShake in the dishwasher. We recommend separating the different parts for the SmartShake and putting them into the top section of your dishwasher.

Can the SmartShake be recycled?
Yes. Your SmartShake is made with non-toxic plastics and can be recycled. Contact your local recycle centre for more information.

If the SmartShake absorbs a smell, what can I do?
- Newspaper: Fill the container with pieces of newspaper. Close the lid and leave overnight (or longer if needed)
- Coal: Put a piece of coal into the container. Close the container well and leave until the smell has been absorbed.
- Bicarbonate of soda: Make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water. Spread over the inside of the container and leave it for one or two days, and then wash. Repeat if necessary.
- Lemon: Rinse the inside of the container with lemon juice or rub a piece of lemon over the inside surface.
- Coffee granules: Put coffee granules (used or wet) into the container and let it sit until the smell disappears.
- Sun: Put the container outside on a sunny day, and as well as airing it, it will benefit from the "de-smelling" properties of the sun.

To minimise the risk of smells, we recommend you rinse and wash your SmartShake regularly, as soon as you can after using it.
Reference: SS-13075101

Quick Overview

Your SmartShake works as a bottle, mixer, shaker or place to store food.

Quick Overview

Your SmartShake works as a bottle, mixer, shaker or place to store food.
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