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The arrival of cold weather and snow is always a good sign for all those who like winter sports. Skiers and snowboarders know how important it is to have the right board if you don't want to have a bad time. Depending on the type of snowboarding you do, your level and the courage with which you usually snowboard, there will be board models that best fit your profile as a snowboarder. The freeride boards are designed to go in one direction only. In these, your position is usually set back to improve buoyancy. In this category you can find very unique and specific tables. They work very well on untreated snow and are best suited for powder days. On the other hand, when it comes to getting around the station, they are not very functional boards. On the other hand, the freestyle boards are twin tip. This means that both the nose and the tail have the same shape and the same hardness. In this case, your position will be fully centred on the board so that you can move to either side. On piste they are practical, but when it comes to off-piste, they don't float well enough. On the other hand, the all mountain boards, is an in-between of the two previous ones. They are versatile boards that work quite well on all terrains.

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