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Do you want to know more about outdoor socks?

The outdoor socks are a technical piece that protects the feet and keeps them in the best conditions during the practice of any outdoor activity. They are one of the key pieces in the equipment of any athlete, since they are in charge of keeping the feet dry and at a regular temperature, both in winter and in summer.

Unlike casual socks, technical socks present special characteristics for each activity and climate. They are designed to offer greater comfort by providing good cushioning and keeping the foot dry at all times. In addition, they are designed with different densities with the sole purpose of expelling body moisture to the outside immediately.

How to choose outdoor socks?

We can find socks of all sizes and sizes: the long ones , for the most demanding activities such as skiing or mountaineering, and the shorter ones , for summer or between seasons. There are also specialized brands in the development of compression stockings to recover after each physical activity.

As for materials , outdoor technical socks are made with all types of fibers, both synthetic and natural or combined.

The perspiration of the foot during physical activity is key to the performance is the most appropriate. Therefore, it seeks to satisfy the user and promote comfort with fabrics that allow optimal foot ventilation. Many of the outdoor socks are made with a state-of-the-art fiber called Coolmax . This fiber offers excellent quality, provides maximum breathability and ventilation of the foot, while keeping it always dry and at an ideal temperature.

At the opposite end, there are fibers such as Thermolite or Polyester Primaloft , responsible for isolating the foot from low temperatures. With natural fiber, we find socks made with merino wool , which offer thermal protection for cold temperatures, keeping feet dry and warm. This material has a greater ability to absorb sweat and dry more quickly, as well as better resistance to odors.

In addition to protecting from inclement weather, the use of technical socks also helps reduce the risk of abrasions and blisters, and combined with external nylon ensures greater strength and durability.

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