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Do you want to know more about training with Bosu, TRX or Flowin?

The Bosu is the ultimate in functional training. It's like a big fitness ball cut in half with a stable part and another unstable. This makes it a versatile product that can be used from cardio training to rehabilitation, yoga, pilates, etc. With the part ready up you can climb on it, do squats, sit or simply use it as a step for aerobics. The difference is that your body has to contract constantly to maintain balance. This does not simply help burn more calories, but also improves coordination and balance. If you turn the Bosu around, you can use it as a bench, do push-ups or just work on balance exercises.

The Bosu manages to strengthen the central muscles of your body, which are located around your abdominals and back helping you not only to gain strength but also muscle tone and coordination of your entire body.

The TRX is a portable and accessible training system, which offers greater functionality compared to many other expensive devices for physical exercise. Its compact design allows you to use it in almost all places: in any sports facility, at home or even in a hotel room when you are traveling.

Since resistance can be adapted at any time by regulating body position, suspension training is safe and effective for people with all fitness levels. Suspension training techniques are designed to intentionally shift your center of gravity, which activates the mid-section musculature during each exercise.

The Flowin is a simple but effective tool for fitness, consisting of a sheet and pads that allow a friction training in which different muscle groups are worked depending on the position and the pad that is used.

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