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Speedplay is a brand of automatic pedals based in San Diego, California. Between his models they are the famous Speedplay Zero with axis in titanium, stainless steel and cromoly, the Speedplay Light Action also with axis in titanium, stainless steel and cromoly, and the Speedplay Frog for MTB and also with axis in titanium, stainless steel and cromoly . The Speedplay pedals are manufactured in the United States and the main reason for their purchase is because they are recommended by cyclists who already use them. The Speedplay pedals are used by the main cyclists like Cadel Evans, Fabian Cancellara, Jens Voigt or Thor Hushovd and are very popular among the triathletes because they allow the precise adjustment of the cleats according to the biomechanical studies of each runner and based on their preferences. . They have a profile of 4 to 9 mm. lower than the pedals of other brands and also allow the distance between the pedal and the shoe is the lowest in the market, which implies a better and more direct transmission of force on the pedals. They have a wide platform and a larger support surface also improving the transmission of the force and reducing the loss of energy. The Speedplay pedals are easy to use thanks to the fact that they have two sides and they have a closing mechanism of the cleat with the pedal without springs, with an easy entry and exit, and a safe closing so that neither sprints nor climbing can escape the pedal. They are compatible with slippers with 3 or 4 anchor holes.

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