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Do you want to know more about indoor bikes?

Indoor was born in the United States many years ago and with the passage of time has become one of the best ways to lose weight and lose weight. Indoor is an aerobic exercise in which the lower train basically works.

Indoor is a safe and efficient way to improve physical capacity, lose fat and lose weight, all in a healthy and balanced way. The continuous movement of the flywheel provides a smooth pedaling and accelerates the heart rate more quickly than the traditional static bicycles, allowing to reach the proposed objectives more quickly.

When buying a indoor bike you should keep in mind the following:

- The indoor bike must have a sturdy and stable structure, as it must support the weight of the user by applying force to both the pedals and the handlebar. In addition it must guarantee a high resistance to corrosion.

- The inertia wheel must be more than 18Kg to have a good feeling and perform a smoother, safer and more efficient pedaling.

- There are two types of resistance, magnetic or brake by shoe. The indoor bikes of magnetic resistance are quieter and offer a more regular and comfortable pedaling, although its price is higher. The brake resistance indoor bikes by shoes may offer a less regular resistance and they are not as quiet, but they are equally useful for exercising and getting thin and toned legs.

- Although it is not essential, if the indoor bicycle incorporates a computer in which you can visualize the parameters of the exercise, it will be more motivating and challenging. And it will still be more if the computer incorporates more varied training programs with clear objectives to improve their physical condition. There are also indoor bikes that allow the wireless measurement of the heart rate.

- Indoor bikes must have an ergonomic design to avoid knee and spine pain.

- Indoor bikes must have different adjustment options. The handlebar and the seat must be adjustable vertically and horizontally to be able to find the ideal position. The more regulations the bicycle has and the better it suits the user, the more efficient the training will be and the lower the risk of injury.

The DKN indoor bikes have a very good quality-price ratio. DKN has a wide catalog of indoor bikes with a very competitive price level.

The Keizer m3 indoor bike was introduced to the market by Keizer after a long experience manufacturing indoor cycling bicycles. It is a bicycle that incorporates a new magnetic brake system and a new display installed on the handlebar. The magnetic brake system offers a smoother, more progressive pedaling without noise. The display instantly provides all the necessary data to evaluate the progression of the user.

The Horizon indoor bicycles and the Vision indoor bicycles , both brands of the Johnson Health group, have an excellent quality-price ratio and are manufactured under the strictest standards and quality controls, which guarantees that they are extremely durable and effective machines.

Schwinn indoor bikes have a high prestige in the world market for their design, innovation and quality. Schwinn has a wide range of indoor bikes, which have gathered the experience and advice of the coaches and the most important fitness clubs in the world.

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