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Do you want to know more about tops and sports bras?

Sports tops and bras are very useful garments for fitness users because of their high and comfortable support. The sports bras provide greater safety and comfort at the time of doing sports than conventional or traditional.

Sports tops and bras are specially designed to fulfill two very clear functions: hold and keep skin dry. To ensure that these functions are fulfilled it is very important that they are made with high quality materials.

When choosing a top or bra for fitness should take into account the following characteristics:

- That it is made with absorbent and breathable fabrics to ensure a quick drying of the skin. - They must have a tight or compression fit, depending on the type of training and the level of intensity, to fulfill its function of support. - It is recommended that they be seamless or with flat seams, to avoid friction with the skin, facilitate training and make it more comfortable. - That is not one size. It is important that the sports bra has a variety of sizes so that it is perfectly suited to the chest.

The top or sports bra design will be chosen according to the user's tastes. The important thing is that it fulfills the main functions of subjection and drying of the skin, and is adapted to the required needs. The sports bra can be used alone or with a fitness shirt on top.

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