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Do you want to know more about tops and running bras?

The running tops and bras are essential items to practice this sport in a comfortable and pleasant way. Not using a suitable bra to run can cause serious consequences, besides producing discomfort.

The mammary glands are fatty tissues that have little support, which is why the use of bras is necessary to hold them and keep them properly stable, and even more so when playing sports. Do not use this type of garments It can cause the premature fall of the chest or cause irreversible problems such as a rupture of Cooper's ligaments. These ligaments are those that are responsible for supporting the breasts and, once damaged, it is impossible to repair the injury. So, bras and tops are necessary when practicing running , and other sports, not only to ensure comfort, but also to avoid injuries and other consequences.

When choosing a bra for running it is important to take into account the level of subjection of the garment. There are two types of sports bras according to the subject:

- Compression bra . These bras adjust the breasts against the chest, limiting movement completely. It is ideal for women with a lot of chest or for high intensity races. - Reclining bra . They are bras that are responsible for holding the breasts properly, but without using a compression adjustment. The movement of the breasts is not as limited as it is with the previous bra.

Another factor to consider is the material and fabrics with which the sports bra has been made. For greater comfort, the bra or top should be made with fibers that absorb sweat quickly and keep the skin always dry. It must be breathable and manufactured with quality materials to ensure its durability and resistance. The size is also an important element to choose the right bra. It is important that the bra or running top fits perfectly to the chest to ensure a comfortable and comfortable physical activity.

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