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Take advantage of discounts of over 20% with the Outlet de Nutrición de Deporvillage sports store . You will find all kinds of drinks , bars and nutritional supplements so you do not run out of strength during your training sessions or in the middle of a competition.

Energy drinks and isotonic drinks speed up the hydration of the athlete when he is dehydrated and with lower performance. This type of drinks incorporates sodium, carbohydrates and proteins so that the body can return to optimal levels quickly. With energy bars you avoid running out of energy or without strength in training sessions or in the middle of a competition. In addition, you get that extra point of energy that is needed to go faster or to train a little more in the gym.

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Enervit Recovery Drink 50g (1 unit)
Cheaper buying sachets than buying the 1kg tub
Taste is a bit artificial but it goes down easily and doesn't upset my stomach

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