Squirt Lube 120ml

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Squirt Lube 120ml
Long-lasting, wax-based Squirt Lube.

- Long-lasting lubrication, even in wet conditions
- Smooth transition as it doesn't accumulate dirt
- Prolongs the life of gears (chainrings, sprockets and chain)
- Stops chain slipping
- No degreaser needed
- Biodegradable, doesn't contain solvents and is eco-friendly
- Doesn't contain oils
- Contents: 120 ml

Method of use
- Always apply to clean and dry plates, pedals and chains (1st application)
- Clean the plate, pedals and chain with degreaser and a soft brush 
- Leave them to dry
- Apply Squirt to the inside of the chain making the chainsets turn
- Don't wipe of the apparent excess of liquid
- Leave to dry for 5 minutes
- Apply a second coat of Squirt 5 minutes later when the chain, plates and pedals will be ready.

Further applications:
- Squirt will not accumulate dirt in the pedals or gears, so applying regularly every 2 or 3 rides will be enough (depending on the distance and weather conditions).
- Don't clean off the apparent excess of Squirt
- Leave the pedals and chain to dry for 5 minutes and then you're good to go!

- Since Squirt is based on wax and water, full cleaning of the chain and plates doesn't require special solvents.
- Using water, soap and a soft brush is enough to prepare the chain
- Apply Squirt again as if it were the first application
Reference: SQ-SQUIRSQ-06

Quick Overview

“The Squirt Lube lubricant enhances chain life and keeps gears in perfect condition.”

Quick Overview

“The Squirt Lube lubricant enhances chain life and keeps gears in perfect condition.”
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