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Do you want to know more about chronometers?

Stopwatches are a very specific type of clock that is used to measure very short fractions of time, such as thousandths of a second. In general, its use extends to the sports field due to its precision and optimal results.

The chronometers are electronic devices that are in high demand by users because of the possibility of using them for several sports. These clocks have integrated several functions, among which stand out the chronograph, barometer, thermometer, compass, altimeter and lap counter. There are chronometers that develop only some of these functions and chronometers that have all of them. Depending on the sport that is practiced, one type of chronometer or another will be required. However, if more than one sport is practiced, it is always advisable to acquire a chronometer with the majority, or all, of the functions.

There are two great types of stopwatches:

- Analog chronometers . They are the traditional chronometers, which mark the fractions of time with hands. - Digital chronometers . They are the electronic ones and they mark the fractions of time with numbers that appear in the screen of the clock. They are more precise than the previous ones and, therefore, more and more demanded.

The chronometers can be water resistant and submersible up to 100 meters. And, in the case of digital, usually have a memory capacity, which will depend on the chronometer model, very useful to compare results and improve training. Together with the pulsometers , they are very efficient electronic devices for all those who practice sports on a regular basis.

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