Do you want to know more about storage for fitness products?

The storage of weights, dumbbells, bars, discs and other Fitness equipment is essential for the proper maintenance of our equipment in order to exercise correctly. Depending on the material that we have to use, we can choose between several storage formats.

For bars and discs we have different types to leave our weight bars and discs. With this we managed to maintain an order in our fitness room.

The fitness material is very delicate, in case of the gymballs it is essential to keep them in good place, as this way we avoid chafing, cuts or punctures that can cause them to slowly deflate and stop being useful. The same happens with the other materials, each one with a storage platform.

One of the materials that are used more at the fitness level are the dumbbells where we can choose different storage models, such as double-floor and triple to store different dumbbells depending on the weight of each of them.

You can look at the different fitness products that we offer on the web.

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