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Do you want to know more about reinforcements and joint protections?

The reinforcements and joint protections are an essential complement for athletes when it comes to preventing the risk of injury or alleviating muscular overloads after physical activity.

How to choose joint reinforcement or protection?

The protections and joint reinforcements help us to enjoy a more pleasant and efficient sports practice, by considerably reducing the effects of muscle overloads and joint injuries.

We can find many types of protections and joint reinforcements for different areas of the body: elbow pads, knee pads, shoulder pads or wrist straps . They are usually recommended for high level athletes, in order to prevent injuries or relapses in areas that have already suffered some damage, as well as for sports fans who wish to take better care of their joints in times of more intensive training. Based on the treatments of medicine and orthopedics, its purpose is to ensure proper support and preserve the natural movements of the joints of the body, to reduce the risk of overloads, dislocations or sprains, among other ailments. In addition, they work taking into account the high demands of the sport, so they provide excellent comfort, lightness, freedom of movement, durability and are easy to use. This makes them products widely used by sports professionals around the world.

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