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Do you want to know more about swimming?

Swimming is the activity of holding and moving forward, using the arms and legs, on or under the water. It can be done as a recreational activity or as a competitive sport. Because humans do not swim instinctively, swimming is a skill that must be learned.

One of the greatness of swimming is its simplicity. To practice it you only need a swimsuit and an enclosure with water, optionally you can use a hat and / or glasses .

The main obstacle to learning to swim is the fear of water or nervousness, which produces muscular tension. Much progress has been made in the development of methods to reduce this psychological barrier. Children are often taught to children from an early age.

The movements that are made in the water to advance are swimming styles and it is the evolution of competitive swimming as a sport. Swimming can be practiced in any type of water enclosure large enough to allow free movement.

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TYR Venzo Genesis Open Back Swimsuit Blue Black Women
Super quality
Met all requirements
Orca S7 Full sleeve Wetsuit Black Orange
Top quality
Great suit love it
Isostar Long Energy Endurance isotonic drink bottle 790gr. + Drum
Exelent quality
Wery good, ise it all the time
Aqua Sphere Hoian Swimsuit Black Pink Women
Fits Great
Great Quality and speedy delivery
TYR Category 1 Long Sleeve Neoprene Wetsuit Black Women
Perfect size and product
Perfect size and product. Very recommended
Zone3 Evolution Swimrun Wetsuit Black Orange Women
Wetsuit is great
Good quality
Maurten Drink Mix 320 80g (1 unit)
Tastes nice
Great gels
Maurten Energy Gel 100 40g (12 units)
Tastes nice
Great gels
Garmin Fenix 7S Sapphire Solar Dark Bronze with Grey Strap
Great watch
Excellent brand and high quality
PowerBar PowerGel Original Strawberry Banana Flavour 41g (24 units)
Lush taste
Great flavour like a real strawberry and banana in your pocket. Does the job on a long ride and does induce any gastric problem for me.
PowerBar Magnesium Liquid (20 Pack)
Does it’s job!
Was suffering from calf cramps in the pool and now after taking one of these in the morning I don’t get the same issues.
PowerBar Isoactive Isotonic Sports Drink 1320g Lemon
Refreshing and Tasty
Nice flavour and easy to mix. Great Isotonic effect during long hot rides.
Powerbar PowerGel 41g Lime Lemon Flavour (Pack of 24)
Great taste and instant energy
Sharp flavour that kick starts your mouth and gives you an energy boost almost immediately.
PowerBar PowerGel Energy Gel with 41g Caffeine Mango And Passion Fruit Flavour (24 units)
Refreshing Flavour
Doesn’t taste as sweet as other flavors which means they are much easier to use several in a single ride without the over sweet results.
PowerBar Isomax 1200g Isotonic Sports Drink Orange
Great Taste
The blood orange flavour is not as sweet as other orange flavoured drinks. Easy to dissolve in water and does the job when you are sweating in the heat.

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