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The swimming accessories facilitate the practice of water sports in all types of disciplines and levels.

Ear plugs are a protective garment that is inserted into the external ear canal to prevent water from entering the inside of the ear during water sports. For swimming, the use of silicone or rubber plugs that are approved and antiallergic treatment is recommended. Plugs of this type are easy to put on and to wash.

Nose clips are used to prevent water from entering the nasal passages. They are usually used to be more comfortable and concentrated in the pool. A clamp is well adjusted when it is not too tight and is comfortable enough for the user to forget that he is using it.

The socks for swimming pool are designed for the practice of disciplines such as aquagym, aquastep and aquabike. They are also recommended for pregnant women and children because they are anti-slip. On the other hand, they incorporate an antibacterial treatment to protect the foot from possible infections.

The thermal water t-shirts are designed to provide heat without interfering with the swimmer's movement. They are made with quick drying materials to protect the body from the cold and increase comfort outside the pool.

Opinions featured in Swimming Accessories

Ear plugs TYR Silicone Molded white
Very comfortable
Keeps the ear canal fully sealed and dry.
Orca Swim Socks Black
Good quality
Definitely recommend to another
Zone3 Neoprene Headband Black White
Great for swimming in cold waters
High quality
Orca Heat Seeker Vest Black
Perfect: Just what I was looking for.
A high-quality item at a very good price. It's going to really help extend my open water season by providing a slim but effective extra layer.

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