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Do you want to know more about swimming goggles?

Swimsuit and trunks alongside swimming caps are the basic and essential equipment needed for swimming. Using swimming goggles is highly recommended for people who swim regularly since the chlorine in the water may end up affecting their eyes. Swimming goggles protect our eyes against chlorine and salt, as well as UVA rays in some newer models, but they also help us and provide us with more comfort, as they allow us to see underwater and protect our eyes from splashes.

We can try to classify them according to the main material they are made of, as practically all goggles are made of the same “polycarbonate" plastic, we will differentiate based on the material and the shape of the gasket.

- Foam rubber: these were the most popular a few years ago, but they caused many problems, both hygienic and technical.

- Neoprene: this material does not absorb water and causes less hygiene problems, but they continue to detach from the base over time.

- Silicone: we can divide them into two types, those that are made entirely of silicone, minus the lens, or those that only the seal is made of this material, for a few years they were the queen of the pool.

- Poly carbonate: also called Swedish goggles. They are comfortable once you get used to them and their small size means they fit better. These are currently the most used for competitive swimming.

Opinions featured in Swimming Goggles

Arena Cobra Triathlon Swipe Sunglasses Black Silver Lenses
Swimming goggles
Very good goggles that fog very little
Arena Instant Antifog Spray & Swim
Tested and very good performance!
I've already tried it and it works perfectly. I would recommend it
Adidas Persistar Fit Unmirrored Swimming Googles Black with White Logo
Great price
Very good purchase, very comfortable
Zone3 Vapour Swimming Goggles White Blue
It exceeded my expectations
Soft silicone material, fits the face from the first wear without being too tight, spectacular vision, very happy with the purchase, 100% recommended
Arena Cobra Core Swipe Mirror Goggles Yellow Black
They're a real treat!!
Obviously for that price... but they are great.
Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Swimming Goggles Black with Grey Mirrored Lenses
Swimming goggles
Very good quality goggles, they adjust very easily and the lenses are perfect for incredible vision
TYR Special Ops 3.0 Swimming Goggles Blue with Gold Polarized Lenses
I have used them on a ride, and on the beach and the clarity and comfort of the glasses is spectacular. I love them.
Speedo Aquapulse Pro Mirror Swim Goggles Black Pink
Wide bridge
They are gorgeous, but the nose bridge is wide, not ideal for people with thin noses
TYR Blackhawk Racing Mirror Swimming Goggles Pink Black Gold Women
Good quality
I haven't tried them yet, but they're obviously a winner.
Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Sunglass Googles Black with Yellow Lenses
Recommended goggles, but not as expected.
The product itself is good quality, is made of good materials and fits perfectly. I opted for them because the comments said they wouldn't fog, but it's not true. After 4 months with them, I can say that within a month of having them, they already fogged, it's true that they improve with time as always, using saliva on the inside of the lenses. So it's not what I expected, since it was supposed to take years to fog. Otherwise, good goggles.
Swimming goggles TYR Nest Pro Nano white with transparent lenses blue
The best
They're the best for me. They adapt perfectly and because they are small they are very comfortable.
TYR Tracer X RZR Swim Goggles Black with Silver Mirrored Lenses
The best glasses I've ever bought
Comes with 2 spare bridges, but should include a non-plastic box
Zoggs Predator Polarized Regular Fit Swim Goggles Black Red with Black Polarized Lenses
Digga Predator Polarized
Good vision and perfect fit, although for me, they leave marks around the eyes like all of them do.
Zoggs Predator Small Fit Swimming Goggles Blue White with Dark Black Lenses
With Zoggs you're on the safe side
With Zoggs, it's a sure bet. They're expensive, but they last forever. Value for money, outstanding durability.
Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles Black Green
With Zoggs you're on the safe side
With Zoggs, it's a sure bet. They're expensive, but they last forever. Value for money, outstanding durability.

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