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Do you want to know more about swimming goggles?

Swimsuit and trunks alongside swimming caps are the basic and essential equipment needed for swimming. Using swimming goggles is highly recommended for people who swim regularly since the chlorine in the water may end up affecting their eyes. Swimming goggles protect our eyes against chlorine and salt, as well as UVA rays in some newer models, but they also help us and provide us with more comfort, as they allow us to see underwater and protect our eyes from splashes.

We can try to classify them according to the main material they are made of, as practically all goggles are made of the same “polycarbonate" plastic, we will differentiate based on the material and the shape of the gasket.

- Foam rubber: these were the most popular a few years ago, but they caused many problems, both hygienic and technical.

- Neoprene: this material does not absorb water and causes less hygiene problems, but they continue to detach from the base over time.

- Silicone: we can divide them into two types, those that are made entirely of silicone, minus the lens, or those that only the seal is made of this material, for a few years they were the queen of the pool.

- Poly carbonate: also called Swedish goggles. They are comfortable once you get used to them and their small size means they fit better. These are currently the most used for competitive swimming.

Opinions featured in Swimming Goggles

Zone3 Swimming Goggles Case Navy Blue Orange
Good quality case
Met my expectations
Arena Instant Antifog Spray & Swim
Exactl what l need
No fog anymore :)
Speedo Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Swimming Goggles Black Grey
I am happy
Very good quality Good price
Swimming goggles TYR Nest Pro black with smoke lenses
I am happy
I am happy enough. Good quality in good price.
Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Swimming Goggles Black with Orange Mirrored Lenses
Very good quality and good looking
There is one minus: the strap should be just a few centimeters longer. I have it in the max length position.
Aqua Sphere Fastlane Swimming Goggles White Blue with Blue Mirrored Lenses
Great fit and great price
Great fit and great price!!
Aqua Sphere Fastlane Swimming Goggles White Grey with Silver Mirrored Lenses
Lovely fit and price
Great fit and great price!
Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles Pink White Women
Great for open water swimming
These goggles were recommended for open water swimming and they don't disappoint. I have a small face and most open water goggles are huge on me but these fit beautifully, very comfortable and function well. Would def recommend for petite ladies.
Swimming goggles Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0 black lime green with transparent lenses black
Quality seema o.k.
To be determined.
TYR Special Ops 2.0 Swimming Goggles Pink Blue with Red Polarized Lenses Women
There great highly recommend them for out door swimming
Absolutely great speed service and quality products
Speedo Futura Plus Swimming Goggles Clear Blue
Good enough
Good enough
Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles White Red
Comfortable for training
Good for training

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