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The triathlon swimming goggles are an essential protection system against chlorine or salt, and the latest models also for UVA rays, in this way they help us to be able to see comfortably and below the surface.

We can try to classify them according to the material of their lenses since they differ from their main characteristics. It must be taken into account where they will be used, the luminosity, protection and personal needs.

Photochromic lenses: the photochromic lenses are lightened or darkened depending on the luminosity to which they are exposed. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, protecting the eyes against UVA and UVB rays.

Polarized lenses: they are high performance lenses that offer optimal vision in the sun. When the rays are reflected in a surface they generate a cloudy reflection that disturbs the vision, for this reason the lenses absorb the reflections and provide a great visual comfort in all circumstances.

Mirrored lenses: the mirrored lenses offer maximum protection in intense light conditions. They allow a relaxed vision, reducing the risk of eye fatigue.

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Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles Pink White Women
Great for open water swimming
These goggles were recommended for open water swimming and they don't disappoint. I have a small face and most open water goggles are huge on me but these fit beautifully, very comfortable and function well. Would def recommend for petite ladies.

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