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Swimming is one of the most effective sports for toning and keeping your body in shape. This is because, unlike other sports, swimming is based on flotation, one of the least harmful activities for our bodies, since it does not consist of any impact with the ground or other hard surfaces in order to move, avoiding strain on our bones, muscles and joints. Swimming works our arms, torso and legs and, being an especially aerobic exercise, also helps us to improve our breathing and cardiovascular fitness.

To take part in this sport you need a swim cap, swimming goggles and most importantly a swimsuit or trunks.

How to choose your swimsuit or trunks?

It is important to choose a swimwear that is comfortable, gives us freedom of movement and, at the same time, is sturdy. Chlorine, salt and sand are rather aggressive, so it is worth your while selecting better quality sports swimwear. Feeling comfortable and confident that everything is in its place is very important while you are inside the water to enjoy the sport without worrying about anything else.

There are many types of swimwear, but basically we could divide them into four main groups: racing, training, water polo and lesiure swimwear.

Racing or training swimwear must be comfortable, allowing the arms and legs to move freely, as well as being lightweight and, of course, well fitted, to reduce friction with the water as much as possible.

Racing swimwear must comply with the international regulations of the International Federation of Swimming (FINA) and are the most advanced and sophisticated in terms of material technology, in order to offer maximum performance. These are one-piece swimsuits made of nylon or other lightweight and quick drying materials. With flatlock seams and greater compression properties than other swimwear to reduce friction with the water. The waistband is also often lower to allow for easier movement. The most modern swimsuits, used in top level competitionhave a high percentage of Teflon, which makes the swimwear much more streamline, to reduce friction with the water.

The elasticity of the fabric is extremely important, since it prevents creasing, therefore allowing you to slide through the water. Unlike leisure swimwear (not intended for training), for women it is almost essential that racing swimsuits come much higher than the chest to prevent water from getting inside and reaching the skin. This also ensures that it stays in place when coming out of the water or turning.

Training swimwear is similar to racing swimwear, although less sophisticated in terms of materials and design, since the most important thing in this type of swimwear is comfort and freedom of movement. They are made mostly of nylon, but also with other materials such as polyamide, infitex, elastane or polyester. It is most common to wear fittedtraining swimwear, to reduce friction with water and, therefore, to move through the water more quickly and with less effort.

Water polo swimwear are designed specifically with a greater fit and with a full front and rear lining. They also usually include an adjustable tie for better support, strong stitching and durable colours. Water polo swimsuits and trunks also have a long-lasting chlorine-resistant fabric.

Leisure swimwear is often used for water activities or recreational swimming. For women, it is important that they are made in one piece, since it ensures a better freedom of movement with the arms. As for men, if you do not want to wear tight or small swimming trunks, you can choose a less fitted model.

We can also classify swimwear according to their design. Swimsuits would be the most recommended for training and competition thanks to their low friction with the water. Bikinis are more suitable for recreational swimming or aquatic activities. For men we have briefs, lighteweight and minimalist they are ideal for water polo and competition. Shorts or jammers can be more hydrodynamic or more comfortable depending on their fit.

Protective swimwear, such as wetsuits and neoprene tops, are often used for swimming in open water with the aim to protect us from the cold and aid buoyancy.

Opinions featured in Swimsuits & Swimming Trunks

Michael Phelps Swift MP Swimming Trunks Black Red
unique flashy design
I liked it from the first moment
, the
Speedo Essential Endurance+ Jammer Swimming Trunks Black
Top quality training jammers
My n-th pair of these go to jammers. Always great. Fit is super consistent from year to year. Quality is fantastic. Perfect for training.
, the
Speedo EchoMirror Placement Digital Rippleback Swimsuit Black Blue Green Women
good fitting suit
happy with this product
, the
TYR Sandblasted Cutoutfit Swimsuit Blue Navy Women
good quality
good quality, not red on the inside tho as shown in pic and front sags a little making it difficult for fast swimming
, the
Arena Powerskin ST Classic Swimsuit Black Women
best quality
it totally meets my expectations, great for competition
, the
Arena Powerskin Carbon-Flex VX Jammer Swimming Trunks Dark Grey
Racing jammers
Exactly as described. I only wear arena jammers to race at big meets and these were fantastic value
, the
Arena Powerskin Carbon-Flex VX Jammer Swimming Trunks Black Red
Came faulty and wasn’t able to return
I bought these trunks but was disappointed when they came and were ripped. I contacted the support team and they took over a month to come back and say these couldn’t be returned and no refund could be received. This was disgusting as I spent £165 hoping it was a reliable and trustable company however this wasn’t the case
, the
Speedo Boom Placement Racerback Swimsuit Navy Blue Pink Women
Just what I expected!
Swimsuit is great quality and I would recommend To fellow swimmers! I will order again when mine Wears out! Thank you again’
, the
Turbo Yeah Comic Bikini Women
Looks awesome!
Great quality, super cool, makes swimming a better experience!
, the
Turbo Graffiti Swimsuit Yellow Women
Swim suit review
Beautiful swimsuit, but sizing is very very small. Need to order larger size than normal
, the
Turbo Swallow Swimming Trunks Black Red Women
Super cool swimsuit
High quality. Looks awesome!
, the
Turbo Pop Bikini Women
Awesome training bikini.
Great training bikini! Brilliant quality and looks awesome!
, the
Turbo Tiki-Tiki Water Polo Trunks Blue
Good quality but size not right
Slightly smaller than expected
, the
Turbo Shout Water Polo Trunks Yellow
Turbo’s - why buy anything else?
As expected. High quality
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