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Do you want to know more about swimming equipment?

Swimming equipment is a very important factor for the practice of this sport. Swimming requires specific accessories and clothing to be able to practice correctly and ensure maximum performance.

In swimming the modality does not influence at the time of choosing the kit since they all require the same clothes. However, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as the size or sex of the swimmer. The most important garments are the following: - Swimming cap . The swimming cap is a must-have for several reasons. The first, and most importantly, to protect the ears of chlorine from water and prevent possible infections. The second, to keep the hair as dry as possible. And, third, to prevent water filters pools swimming become clogged by the hair. There are two great types of swimming caps: the polyester or lycra fabric caps, and the silicone caps. The type of cap will be chosen according to the needs of the swimmer and the type of swimming practiced. But, the most important thing is that it is made of quality materials to ensure its durability, resistance, and that it fulfills its basic functions. - Swimming trunks Swimsuits should be fully adjusted and fit to the body to prevent them from moving and hinder physical activity. For men, a swimsuit with an adjustable drawstring is required for a customized fit, with a front lining and, above all, made of durable, chlorine-resistant fabrics. For women there are two possibilities: swimsuit or bikini. The selection of one or the other model will depend on the swimming modality practiced by the swimmer. In both types, it is important to take into account aspects such as the comfort of the swimsuit or bikini, the straps, must be thin to facilitate freedom of movement, and the fabric or material of manufacture, which is resistant to chlorine and ensure the duration of the garment.

These are the clothes that make up the swimming kit but they are not the only elements. Swimming goggles are an essential accessory to practice this sport comfortably and comfortably.

Opinions featured in Swimwear

Arena Cobra Triathlon Swipe Sunglasses Black Silver Lenses
Swimming goggles
Very good goggles that fog very little
Jaked Milano swimsuit green lilac girl
Top quality
A good swimsuit for training
Turbo Crazy Comic Swimsuit Blue Women
The sizes are a bit small
But they're super comfortable
adidas Beach Bikini Black White Women
Quality and style
It's perfect..it looks great on me
Turbo Mexican Skull Water Polo Trunks Black
This brand of swimwear is spectacular and never disappoints, I highly recommend this product.
TYR Dry Sport Towel 65x150 cm Blue
gorgeous towel
I use it for the pool, it hardly takes up space and has very good drying capability
Arena Instant Antifog Spray & Swim
Tested and very good performance!
I've already tried it and it works perfectly. I would recommend it
Puma Swimsuit Black Women
Fast and hassle-free shipping
The swimsuit looks great. I ordered the size L and maybe it's a bit loose on the chest. Especially because in the water it tends to give a little. My Spanish bra size is 95C .
Speedo Teamster 2.0 35L Backpack Light Blue
Perfect, fast delivery
High quality As described
Adidas Persistar Fit Unmirrored Swimming Googles Black with White Logo
Great price
Very good purchase, very comfortable
Zone3 Vapour Swimming Goggles White Blue
It exceeded my expectations
Soft silicone material, fits the face from the first wear without being too tight, spectacular vision, very happy with the purchase, 100% recommended
Arena Hydrosoft II Hook Flip-Flops Black
Very comfortable
What I was looking for.
Arena Jammer Powerskin ST 2.0 Swimming Trunks Red
Good for its price.
It would be great if the waistband also had silicone, otherwise, it is great.
Arena Cobra Core Swipe Mirror Goggles Yellow Black
They're a real treat!!
Obviously for that price... but they are great.
Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Swimming Goggles Black with Grey Mirrored Lenses
Swimming goggles
Very good quality goggles, they adjust very easily and the lenses are perfect for incredible vision

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