The SwissStop brake pads are a product of Rex Articoli Tecnici SA, a company based in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Founded in 1935, the company began manufacturing brake shoes in the 50s, becoming the original component of the leading brake manufacturers of the moment. In the 70s it reached a production of more than 20 million pieces per year. SwissStop was created in the 90's and with this brand Rex continued its tradition of research, development and production in the braking industry. Rex Articoli Tecnici also produces a wide catalog of rubber, thermoplastic and elastic materials products.

Opinions featured in SwissStop

SwissStop Shimano Dura ACE Pad Set
Quiet at last
swapped out to these as couldnt stand the noise of the sintered Shimano branded pads in the wet. A significant improvement
SwissStop E-Organic SRAM ETAP HRD,LEV.UL Pad Set
Bought on the recommendations of others
Yet to use these but purchased on the recommendations of others.
SwissStop Full FlashPro BXP Alloy Rim Brake Pads (Set of 2)
Good product
Good product
SwissStop Flash Evo BXP Alloy Rim Brake Pads Shimano SRAM (Set of 4)
These are replacements for my old BXP pads
When you replace an item with the same product I think that says enough, this was a great improvement over standard pads.

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