T-shirt Skins A400 Raceback Top black silver woman

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T-shirt Skins A400 Raceback Top black silver woman
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"T-shirt Skins of the 400 series with dynamic compression that determines where and how much compression is needed during the activity increasing your potential naturally for longer. The garments of the 400 series of Skins have been developed thanks to the large-scale study that Skins performed on hundreds of athletes in which they established 400 adjustment points in the human body."
Skins A400 Women's Raceback Top with Memory MX fabric biomechanically placed that provides a constant and controlled elasticity and a perfect support, complementing the natural movement of the body and reducing the risk of injury. The compression garments of the 400 series of Skins create a gradual dynamic compression as well as a superior biomechanical support and optimal comfort.

Choose your size according to the outline of the chest at its widest point in the size guide you will find in the secondary photo.

Running T-shirt Skins A400 Raceback Top:

Skins helps improve the supply of oxygen to active muscles. This boosts natural performance, increases the elimination of metabolic waste and reduces the creation of lactic acid, so recovery is faster.

If the level of compression is too high, it can restrict blood circulation and cause friction between the muscles. If it is too weak, it will not report any benefit. The gradual compression of Skins ensures the correct level of pressure in the right places to increase circulation and deliver more oxygen to the muscles. The 400 series of Skins are characterized by an innovative gradual dynamic compression and panels of special Memory MX fabric positioned biomechanically, which facilitate even more precise compression during exercise and recovery.

Skins wrap and support key muscle groups by reducing vibration and helping maintain muscle alignment. Skins seams are strategically placed to act as "anchor points" offering concentrated support and stability.

All Skins fabrics keep moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry even in the harshest situations.

Skins tissues optimize body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. The muscles heat up fast thanks to better circulation, while the superior breathability provides a refreshing evaporation that helps maintain a constant body temperature.

Skins has inherent and permanent antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments in their tissues that diminish the growth of bacteria and prevent odor.

Wearing Skins is equivalent to wearing a 50+ UV protection that prevents harmful sunrays from penetrating the skin.

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