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The Tacx NEO 2T Smart roller trainer is an exceptional indoor training tool for cycling enthusiasts. With an improved design and renewed components, it provides new features and pedal analysis capabilities and even more enhancements that make it one of the quietest and most realistic roller trainers. It has an improved design, updated components, and provides an immersive experience, as well as increased pedal analysis compatibility. Includes one month of Tacx premium subscription.

What's new:
- Quieter
The newly redesigned magnetisms represent a significant improvement to the quiet performance of NEO 2T Smart. Any noise generated by internal air displacement is considerably reduced, as are the vibrations transferred to the ground at low pace. The result is an intelligent roller trainer that is quieter than ever

- Powerful climbs and sprints
NEO 2T Smart presents a new engine design that improves the pedalling sensation during a climb or acceleration. Updated engine also offers more power, allowing higher levels of resistance during low-speed sprints

- Improved pedal analysis
The previous NEO 2 Smart model was equipped with a left and right capacitive detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both legs, the NEO 2T Smart takes pedalling analysis to the next level. By adding ANT+ connectivity and advanced cycling dynamics, you can now analyse the pedal stroke through third-party software, including Edge software

- Axle design
The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart has been redesigned to be compatible with more bikes, without the need for adaptors. Directly compatible with all bikes except 135x10 and 135x12, for these you will need an additional adapter

- More realistic routes
The NEO 2T Smart model has been designed to simulate outdoor routes as realistically as possible. It reacts instantly to changes in speed or incline and allows various degrees of movement to the left and right while pedalling, following the body's natural movement. It also incorporates a dynamic inertia function, which controls mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and incline angle to make your routes as realistic as possible. Use the Tacx software or the Zwift application and enjoy the road feel function. This function allows the roller trainer to vibrate and simulate the sensation of riding a bicycle on different surfaces, such as cobblestone streets or gravel roads. In addition, when connected to an external power supply, the descent simulation accurately simulates a downhill route

- Powerful design
With the NEO 2T Smart you can do intensive training sessions. Its design integrates 32 neodymium magnets that offer high braking force and high power levels. In addition, it has a maximum sprint resistance of 2200 watts and can simulate climbs with up to 25 % slope. It also generates power from your pedals, so there's no need for an external power supply or plug. This roller trainer is designed to resist, regardless of the intensity of the training session. The rear axle has also been redesigned, allowing this roller trainer to be compatible with more bikes without the need for adapters

- Precise and reliable operation
The NEO 2T Smart training roller is designed to provide reliable, accurate and consistent measurement of speed, pace and power, so you can track your performance and progress. Furthermore, it does not require calibration and allows you to measure your data with a maximum variation of 1%

- Full connectivity
The roller trainer communicates via intelligent Bluetooth technology and the ANT+ FE-C protocol, enabling compatibility with a wide range of popular training applications. Enjoy a famous cycling route with Tacx software, take on Zwift's virtual worlds or use other platforms like TrainerRoad. You can also use the roller trainer in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat route; the faster you pedal, the more the resistance will increase. Connect to multiple devices at once and enjoy software features while tracking performance with your Garmin cyclometer

- Train your way
NEO 2T Smart employs the innovative capability of Tacx's indoor training software. Enjoy the time you spend sitting on the saddle with a full library of over 100 high quality videos, allowing you to experience the feeling of climbing the steep hills of the Alps or riding the cobblestone streets of Bologna. Take advantage of specially designed structured training plans based on your fitness level and physical condition to help you achieve your own personal goals. Compete live against opponents, upload GPS data and navigate 3D maps, create your own training sessions based on settings such as incline, power, heart rate or functional threshold power (FTP), and share in Strava.

- Electrical requirements: 110-240 volts (EU Plug)
- Power indicator: Multicolour LED at the base
- Connection indicators (ANT+/BLUETOOTH) 2 LED indicators
- Gear ratio: Chainring configuration: up to 3 sprockets. Teeth per sprocket: adjustable between 22 and 53. Rear sprocket: up to 12 sprockets. Teeth per sprocket: adjustable from 11 to 40
- Factor: Q 147 mm
- Max. power: 2200 Watts
- Maximum inclination: 25 %
- Descent simulation: Yes
- Maximum torque: 88 nm
- Max. break force: 260 N
- Virtual inertia flywheel
- Massive inertia: Variable up to 125 kg
- Dimensions: 575 x 750 mm
- Height: 55 mm
- Weight: 21.5 kg
- Wireless communication: ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth wireless technology
- Controls: Smartphone, Tablet, computer with ANT+, stand-alone mode and capable of connecting to a computer via the ANT+ antenna
- Metrics: Speed, pace and power
- Reading: Smartphone, Tablet, bike computer and ANT+ antenna-equipped computer
- Accuracy error range: <1 %
- (EU Plug)

Box contents:
- NEO 2T Smart
- Front wheel support
- Quick axle for 130mm rear wheel
- 135mm adaptor
Reference: TA-T2875.61

Quick Overview

The Tacx NEO 2T Smart roller places itself at the top of indoor cycling training and takes the experience even further.

Quick Overview

The Tacx NEO 2T Smart roller places itself at the top of indoor cycling training and takes the experience even further.
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