Tecnovita YV05 V-Bell Vibration Dumbbells

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The Tecnovita V-Bell vibrating dumbbells increase the effects of your exercise. They have a touch sensor to control the different vibration speeds so you can train as you wish. These will increase strength, reduce fat and relieve muscle tensions and improve circulation to keep muscles firm and toned. A new way of exercising to strengthen arms, shoulders, wrists and back.

- Recommended for athletes (paddle tennis, tennis, golf, etc.), people who carry out repetitive movements at work, office workers, stay-at-home parents and anyone who wants to stay in shape.
- They increase strength, reduce fat, relieve muscle pains and improve circulation, keeping muscles firm and toned.
- They increase body toning (arms, shoulders, back and general training)
- Increase leg stability
- Intense arm, shoulder and wrist work
- Increase flexibility and movement in the whole upper body
- Warm up and cool down muscles before and after activity (paddle, tennis, gold, etc.)
- Increase agility in hands and fingers

- 2 V-Bell weights
- 2 charge bases
- 2 storage cases
- 2 rechargeable batteries
- 2 wrist straps
- Exercise guides 
- Training pack

- Dumbbell - Weight: 300 g (without battery)
- 2 vibration speeds
- Touch vibration selector
- 9V vibration motor (DC) - 1,500 rpm
- Works with rechargeable batteries
- Maximum charge time 4 hours
- Includes battery charger
Reference: BH-YV05

Quick Overview

“Vibration dumbbells to increase the results of your workouts.”

Quick Overview

“Vibration dumbbells to increase the results of your workouts.”
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