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Today there is a wide variety of camping tents , if it’s to spend your days at the campsite with your family or for use in the mountains, there is a wide selection of choice, whether it’s materials, finishes or features. This makes choosing the right tent a difficult task; To make this easier we offer you some very practical tips to keep in mind when choosing our tents.

Knowing the technical terms of the features of a tent will really help you to know what you need to purchase the right product.

Having become a symbol of spending the night sheltered and away from home, tents have become an indispensable item in mountain sports. But to be able to choose a model that suits our needs, we will first need to know all the characteristics, components and materials that make up a tent, as well as the role they each play.

They can be classified according to their shape, their use, whether they´re for all four seasons, high mountains, expeditions or high altitudes. For three seasons, medium mountain or trekking. Three seasons light, ultralight attack or bicycle touring. Or structural tents, community or base camp tents and finally simple canvas shelters.

They can also be classified according to their structure, which can be by the poles used such as Canadian-style tents and awnings for some igloo type tents. Flexible rods are used in igloo type tents, and you can find them made of fiberglass, polyethylene or aluminum. Attachment of the tent tarps to the rods or masts can be by clips or by sleeves. The type of interior cabin is also an important factor, whether it is a double-roof, single-roof or no-roof interior. Protective flooring that may be sold separately or included in the price usually include light, resistant and waterproof fabrics.

The types of anchorages used are important since they fix the base to the ground and to the double roof to secure the tent by nailing pegs or stakes into the ground, and we can find them in many different types that help us add less weight to our luggage as well as other types that are more resistant. These pegs have ropes that help to tighten the double roof and the vestibule, preventing deformation by the wind.

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