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The North Face is an emblem of exploration, endurance and connection with nature. The North Face is a brand of outdoor clothing and equipment founded in the 1960s in San Francisco, California. The brand quickly gained a reputation among mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts by providing a range of products designed to tackle the most extreme and challenging conditions. The North Face is a term that refers to the coldest and most challenging north face of the mountain.

The North Face has introduced a series of distinctive technologies that elevate the performance of its products, giving adventurers the tools they need to overcome the challenges of the wilderness with confidence and comfort. The ThermoBall technology represents an innovation in thermal insulation. ThermoBall is a lightweight, compressible synthetic insulation that retains its structure and retains heat even when wet. DryVent technology makes The North Face outerwear waterproof and breathable. Many North Face products feature GORE-TEX technology, a waterproof, breathable membrane that offers protection from the elements without sacrificing comfort. This technology is used in jackets, trousers and footwear to ensure customers stay dry and comfortable, even in adverse weather conditions.

The North Face has a number of iconic models that have become brand benchmarks, recognised worldwide for their design and performance. The Borealis backpack is one of its most recognisable products. The The North Face Borealis backpack has multiple compartments, a comfortable design and practical details that make it a popular choice with students and adventure enthusiasts. The The North Face Hedgehog shoes are part of the hiking footwear range. This Vibram-soled model with GORE-TEX construction provides stability, traction and water resistance for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Finally, The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket is known for its wind resistance and versatility in variable conditions thanks to its WindWall windproof fabric.

Since its inception, The North Face has maintained its connection with nature, making a strong commitment to sustainability. The brand strives to reduce its environmental impact by using recycled materials, implementing responsible manufacturing practices and supporting initiatives that preserve natural spaces.