Thule OutRide 561 Roof Rack

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Thule OutRide 561 roof bicycle carrier designed in practical and lightweight aluminum with a maximum weight allowed by bicycle is 17 kg. It is the recommended roof option for transporting bicycles with delicate frames (for example, carbon). Also for bicycles equipped with disc brakes and 20 mm full axle. (adapter included). With a snap closure that adjusts to all types of forks and quick-adjust wheel straps for fast and practical bicycle loading and unloading, adjustable for different wheel sizes up to 2.5 inches, the wheels adjust with security.
Compatible with the Single Key System. With this accessory you can replace the locks and use the same key for all your Thule products. The locks are included in the product.
The bicycle is locked to the bicycle carrier and this to the bars.
The universal quick setting allows mounting on several roof bars, with up to 60 mm. Wide.
The T-guide adapters (20x20 mm) are included for the mounting of the bicycle rack directly on the guides T of the roof rails.
This bicycle rack has been pre-assembled, no tools are required. Meets CityCrash standards.

Reference: TH561

Quick Overview

“Carry your bicycle fastened by the fork, as professionals do.”

Quick Overview

“Carry your bicycle fastened by the fork, as professionals do.”
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