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Time Sport International was founded in 1987 by Roland Cattin and since then has used a very powerful motto: Le Défi, in Spanish, The Challenge. Innovation, technology, elegance, comfort, passion and Made in France are the values ??that have defined Time products.

Time has revolutionized clipless pedal technology and presents its new generation, the Xpresso. The iClic concept, patented by Time, allows a more intuitive fixation without any friction. On the other hand, the carbon bending blade and the large platform give the pedal a surface / weight factor without competition.

On the other hand, the Atac system combines an ultra-light design with a system for cleaning mud and dirt, thanks to its self-cleaning concept with an easy release and fixation system. These are the pedals preferred by elite runners.

Opinions featured in Time Road

Time RXS Cleats Blue
I bought them at a great price
They're great for my pedals.
Time Xpresso 7 Pedals Black
Good value for money
For what they are worth, they are good pedals
Time ICLIC/Xpresso V3 Cleats Black Grey
They work very well for time or Lic pedals. This V3 model doesn't give you slack when turning, wears down slower than the v2, and therefore lasts longer.
Time ICLIC/Xpresso 2 Cleats Black Grey
Good quality
Very good option

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