Tip Top


Brothers Otto and Willy Gruber founded the company in 1923 under the name Otto Gruber & Co. and began marketing nuts and metal parts, soon to start distributing compressors and elevators. Modern steel begins to replace conventional iron in 1928, so the Gruber brothers decide to incorporate steel nuts into their commercial program. It begins to speak popularly of Stahlgruber, steel in German, which is finally accepted and maintained as the name of the company. With the increasing motorization, the circle of customers also expands. Everywhere you start to open auto repair shops. Stahlgruber becomes a leader in the distribution of components and spare parts for cars, tools, accessories and equipment for workshops. In 1935, the Gruber brothers discovered a true market niche when visiting vulcanizers. So far, the tire repair material had been cut by hand from old tires. There was no alternative in the market so far. And in 1937, the Gruber brothers decided to manufacture camera patches and in 1938 they also produced sleeves and patches for tires. But the real success comes shortly after the end of the war, with the development of cold vulcanizing material. It is the first time that you can do a camera repair with thermal stability. Doing a product test, Willy Gruber commented "these gossip are really Tip Top", creating in this way the name of an idea, whose execution and expansion will conquer the world market in the future. The German expression Tip Top indicates excellence. Finally, Rema TIP TOP GmbH was founded in 2007.

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