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Outdoor Tops

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Do you want to know more about outdoor tops?

Mountainwear and materials have continued to evolve throughout history. In recent years, this evolution has been quicker than ever, due somewhat to the increase in popularity of outdoor sports, bringing the introduction of new fabrics and materials which provide us with more health and safety in our trips to the mountain. The technical evolution of fabrics, has also allowed us to produce specialised clothing for each activity: ranging from less technical clothing for less demanding activities such as hiking or hill walking, to highly technical clothing for climbing, ice climbing, etc.

As well as knowing how to choose the correct clothing and equipment depending on the activity, we also need to know how to use them. You must remember that some of the essential functions of outdoor clothing are protection, comfort and safety.

How to choose your outdoor tops?

A common trick for choosing the appropriate outdoor clothing is the infamous three layers system. For outdoor activities it is advisable to wear layers. This provides us with greater versatility and effectiveness since it allows us to adapt to the possible changes in temperature and weather conditions.

There are a great variety of T - tops for taking part in outdoor activities. Tops are usually work as a second layer, although it is not unusual directly on top of your skin, depending on their material and technical features.

Being second layers, these should not be too fitted to the body as they should allow hot air generated by our bodies to circulate, to help us maintain an optimal temperature.

Some of their features may be:
- Body heat retention.
- Moisture wicking.
- Lightweight and compact.

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