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Do you want to know more about running tops?

Running tops should be lightweight, breathable and allow freedom of movement.

They have an ultralight design and provide maximum ventilation, eliminating sweat and facilitating perspiration to keep the skin fresh and dry. They are usually made with flatlock seams to minimise chafing and irritation of the skin.

How to choose running tops?

There are three fundamental points that we must take into account when choosing clothes for running:
- It must insulate our body from the outside temperature and help maintain our body temperature, so it must be a good insulator and should favour moisture wicking.
- It should protect us from possible chafing, especially in the chest; conventional clothes have seams that are too bulky.
- It must be as light as possible and allow us to move as freely as possible.

Although, previously, we could use any top for running, the truth is some normal tops have seams which are too bulky or located just between the armpit and shoulder and cause chafing. For this reason, we recommend you use clothes specifically designed for running.

You can choose between long sleeved, short sleeved, and sleeveless running tops, depending on the season. Sleeveless tops, made of very light and breathable synthetic fibre, are the best option in summer. On very cold days, you will need a long sleeved and looser top to allow, as well, the formation of an air layer between it and the skin. We can even wear two tops if it is extremely cold, since this is much better than using a single thicker and heavier garment.

Depending on the material, as you know cotton shirts tend to accumulate sweat, especially in summer, so it is best to wear clothes made of more breathable, synthetic fibres such as lycra and polyester.

When choosing the size, it is better for the garment to fit snugly to the body to promote perspiration. The closer the skin is to the garment, the quicker the evaporation of the sweat. Tops that are too loose can start to irritate you within a few kilometres.

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