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Do you want to know more about the canes?

Canes are a great ally for trekkers and trail users, especially on medium and long distance routes. In the first place, they allow to distribute the weight of the body and the load (backpack) more adequately. Without the use of canes, the burden of all the weight falls on the legs, while if we use the canes, part of the effort of the quadriceps and twins is transferred to the chest and arms. In this way, the possibility of suffering injuries to the joints of the legs is reduced and physical performance is improved.

With the use of canes, we also exercise the arms and chest, so that we have more muscles in motion. In addition, having 4 support points instead of 2, it is much easier to maintain balance, as long as the rods and feet alternate correctly.

How to choose the canes?

We can choose the sticks depending on the use we are going to give them and if we want them with a fixed or adjustable length.

Trekking sticks

When choosing a trekking stick , we have to take into account several aspects, such as the use we are going to give it or the tip material. Depending on whether we are going to make long trips or shorter hikes, we will choose a cane made of more or less heavy materials. On the other hand, it is recommended to choose a non-slip handle that is made of a material that prevents sweat, such as cork or rubber. As for the tip, it can be made of several materials, although the best ones are carbide ones, since they are more resistant than steel and give better grip.

Trail Canes

The practice of the trail requires the use of very light canes and resistant to all types of impacts and surfaces. It is for this reason that the trail sticks are made of very light materials and at the same time resistant, such as carbon and some types of aluminum. They incorporate an ergonomic grip with a non-slip grip to improve the athlete's comfort. A detail to take into account is that it is not recommended to use the dragonera (tape that is placed around the wrist) in descents on steep terrain, since in case of fall the athlete could not stop with his hands and therefore would have a greater risk of fracturing the wrist.

Fixed or adjustable length (telescopic system)

The sticks with telescopic system are assembled in 2 or 3 segments so that the athlete can adjust the stick to the correct size depending on its height. It is generally recommended that for walking in normal terrain and gentle slopes the arms form a right angle of 90 degrees. For ascent of steeper slopes, the length of the poles must be shortened and for descents it must be lengthened.

The staves of fixed height are indicated for the athletes who know previously what length is more suitable for their body. Although they do not offer the adjustable option of the telescopic system, some models can be folded and thus occupy a small space.

Some models incorporate the Antishock system, which is a shock absorber that dissipates the vibration of the stick so that it is not transmitted to the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Canes are great allies for trekking and trail practitioners, especially on medium and long distance routes as they allow an adequate distribution of weights, minimize the possibility of injuries and allow a more complete exercise.

There are canes made of aluminum alloys or carbon fiber. Also, there are folding canes and non-folding canes, so you can choose the canes that best suit the use you want to give them.

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