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Do you want to know more about trailers?

Biketrailers allow you to carry bulky and somewhat heavy loads while you cycle. The maximum weight they can carry varies depending on the model and brand, although we can carry about 30 kilograms on average. These trailers can have one or more wheels. To attach them to your bike, you need a standardised metal hitch and a pin.

Luggage carriers are a metal structure which is fixed to the back or front of the bike and as their name suggests, allow us to carry luggage. The main difference between these and trailers is that they are not "hooked" onto your bike with a hitch, but rather are attached to it. They are clamped onto the seat post.

Bike trailers may require or may come with different accessories, such as hitches or mounts, to attch them to your bike, or seat mounts, brakes, adapters and even new wheels, to increase safety and comfort when riding with a trailer.

Opinions featured in Trailers

Burley Ballz 12x1.5 Thru Axle for 142 - 148mm
Good quality
It works fine and looks solid
Thule Chariot Cab Trailer 2 V19 Green Black
Quality item
After using a normal buggy and buggy board for about 6 months we decided to make our life easier pushing around our little ones by getting this product we have 2 kids 1 year old and 2.5 year old and they both love it so far. Thule always have great products we have chosen the brand from previously buying their other bike products
Thule Chariot Cougar1/Cheetah1 Jogging Kit
As all Thule Chariot accessories this kit is great
This kit is for old models of the trailer so it could be hard to find. So I'm happy I found it at deporvillage.

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