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A trailer does not stop being an extension of your bicycle to multiply the load capacity of it. Depending on the load and the purpose, we will have different types of trailers . One of the most versatile trailers are the trailers for children that allow one or two passengers to carry and the great majority can be converted into a stroller with a front wheel once separated from the bicycle.

These models to transport your children are perfect for moving around the city or running on outdoor trails. Unlike conventional strollers, they are manufactured for movement, ease of use, safety and comfort, are carts for one or two children with whom you will enjoy the ride and the surroundings.

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Thule Chariot Cougar1/Cheetah1 Jogging Kit
As all Thule Chariot accessories this kit is great
This kit is for old models of the trailer so it could be hard to find. So I'm happy I found it at deporvillage.

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