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Do you want to know more about training gloves & Grips?

Training gloves & Grips are widely used in fitness programs. In general, they are used to protect the hands from the appearance of hardness or sprains in the wrists, and improve the grip of bars or weights.

The fitness training gloves are made of different materials and fabrics that help improve training and facilitate the performance of the exercises. It is important to choose gloves with mesh fabrics or polyester microfiber to facilitate the perspiration of the skin and prevent the hand from getting wet. Another factor to consider is the incorporation of a wristband. Especially for exercises that involve weight lifting it is advisable to use gloves with a wristband on one side, to get a better grip thanks to the neoprene fabric and, on the other, to avoid any type of wrist injury.

The hands are the most important point of support for performing fitness exercises and, therefore, it is recommended to protect them with the proper gloves for training . Thanks to the padding of its design, the hands are totally protected from any possible hit with the machines or, above all, the bars and discs . A curious element that some fitness gloves wear is the towel fabric on the thumb. This factor is very useful, since it allows to eliminate sweat from the forehead in a comfortable and fast way.

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