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Do you want to know more about suitcases and travel bags?

Suitcases and travel bags are a fundamental element for all those professional athletes who participate in competitions or national leagues, and are forced to travel constantly. From swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and runners, to athletes who practice any of the fitness modalities have the option to participate in competitions both nationally and globally.

When choosing a travel suitcase for athletes it is very important to take into account that it is light and resistant at the same time. Depending on the sport that is practiced, the suitcase should keep and protect heavier accessories or less. That is why the strength and hardness of the travel bag should be as high as possible. Some even feature a molded polypropylene panel that absorbs shocks and impacts during travel and provides greater protection.

The travel bags and suitcases must have several departments to be able to store in them the different accessories needed to practice the sport and make sure they are well protected. One of the sports that most tends to travel and that also requires several accessories is cycling. The cyclist's kits consists of several garments and accessories that can not be left in the suitcase. That is why, the travel bag must have several compartamos to be able to store in them separately each of the accessories and accessories.

The bags or travel bags can be of two types:

- Travel luggage with wheels . They are those that have wheels on the bottom and a removable handle on the top to drag it and not carry it on its back. Its portability is more comfortable because the back does not carry the weight of the suitcase. Its structure is made of aluminum and the exoskeleton is very resistant. - Travel suitcases without wheels . Are those suitcases that behave like a backpack, hung on the back by two adjustable handles. They also have an aluminum structure to provide greater protection and several departments dedicated to different sports accessories, such as glasses, electronic devices, etc.

All travel bags are made with a waterproof fabric to prevent water or moisture from entering and thus prevent the inside of the bag from spoiling.

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