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Do you want to know more about treadmills?

Treadmills have been gaining more and more market share in recent years, ceasing to be a piece of equipment exclusive to gyms and becoming more and more present in homes.

Treadmills are, after exercise bikes, the piece of gym equipment in highest demand because they have advantages such as:

- the comfort of running when you want without the need to go somewhere and the possibility to exercise even if you have limited time.

- The running deck has shock absorbing characteristics limiting strain on your back.

- The LCD monitor, as well as showing the elapsed time, distance, speed and calories burned, in most models also shows heart rate. The exercise programmes which are often included also help to optimise training routines.

- As mentioned, most models include sensors on the handlebar to control our heart rate. In some models, the LCD monitor only shows us this reading, but in others it can also be used by the programs to increase or decrease the work out level.

- Although the quadriceps work the hardest, this muscle group play an important role in extending the leg and in flexing the hip, as well as the rest of the lower body, the upper body muscles also works to help the upper body movements.

- Harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, extreme heat, etc. don’t have to stop you from training or working out.

- The energetic consumption is much higher than on an exercise bike, approximately 6 times higher. That is to say, for every kilometre covered on a treadmill, 6 kilometres must be done on an exercise bike.

Regarding the disadvantages, they are the following:

- If the treadmill does not feature different programmes that modulate the speed or inclination, it is difficult to reach the end of the training because of the monotony.

- The impact with the ground present in this kind of exercise which increases the risk of injury. Excessive cushioning can increase the chances of suffering damage to the knees and other joints and tendons.

- When you move from training on a treadmill to training outdoors, you notice the lack of forward inclination, especially at first.

- If you do not train regularly, even though you use the same physical effort, you will run at a lower speed.

Treo treadmills are excellent value for money and are ideal for light training with several programmes, including weight loss. They have large LED screens to easily see exercise information.

Horizon treadmills have a high prestige in the world market for their design, innovation and quality. Horizon Fitness has a wide range of treadmills, which are subjected to an intense quality control testing before becoming available to customers.

DKN treadmills are very good value for money and among them the DKN Space Run has a compact, modern and exclusive design. With a smooth folding system, they are easy and comfortable to handle.

Tunturi treadmills incorporate unique innovations in safety, comfort, motivation and training effectiveness. By choosing Tunturi you will be making a conscious choice of quality, Scandinavian design and reliability. Tunturi is synonymous with comfort, proper training, safety and continuous motivation.

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