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Top Sellers Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon Bikes

Do you want to know more about triathlon bikes?

The triathlon bicycles allow to achieve the least aerodynamic resistance in a more comfortable way and without affecting the performance. They are quite light bicycles, weighing between seven and eight kilos, very aerodynamic and designed specifically for the practice of triathlon.

One of the main differences between triathlon bikes and road bikes is that the first ones have the widest handlebars and they have some couplings that allow the rider to lie on the handlebar. The changes are located next to these couplings and not together the levers as is the case of road bikes.

As for the frame , this one is made of carbon fiber, and the main difference between the road bike and the triathlon bike is the angle of the seat tube. In triathlon bicycles, it is in a more vertical position than on a road bike, so that the cyclist is sitting in a more advanced position and gains biomechanical efficiency. As for the size , there is a tendency to choose a size of the frame smaller than normal to obtain an even more collected and aerodynamic position on the bicycle.

The wheels , on the other hand, are of high profile, because they provide more aerodynamics and maintain better speed. In reference to the material, most are made of aluminum, although the top of the range are carbon.

On the other hand, triathlon bikes are equipped with specific details that make them more efficient and aerodynamic. For example, they incorporate sections of special tubes, integrated brake calipers, the lower front, etc.

Triathlon bikes are ideal for long distance tests where drafting is prohibited. In addition to achieving less aerodynamic drag, its design provides high levels of comfort and convenience.

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