Triathlon Components

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Do you want to know more about the triathlon components?

The components are the fundamental part of a bicycle. The most outstanding are the wheels , the transmission (cassette, chains, cranks, etc.), the brakes , the handlebars , the saddles and the covers .

In all the components we must take into account the manufacturer, which should preferably be of recognized category. From here, the price and characteristics will vary depending on the model.

A 10-speed gearbox is standard on mid-to-high road bikes, although some bikes offer 11-speed options. Initiation bikes have 8 or 9 speeds. Choosing between a set of double or triple cranks (2 or 3 plates at the front) will depend on how and where you are going to move.

The wheels are the star component. Their total weight and speed depend to a large extent on them. The carbon fiber wheels are the most common. It is also common to use aerodynamic or lenticular wheels, with a high resistance to air, especially rolling at high speeds.

In the case of the covers , the tubeless will offer us a better performance than the cameras, by reinforcing the protection against punctures thanks to the action of the liquid inside the tire. Resistance and comfort are the main advantages of tubeless tires, despite the greater complexity involved in terms of assembly or maintenance. Another type of tire is the tubular, usual in competition, with an air chamber completely wrapped in the cover, allows better tracing power in curves, absorption of vibrations and comfort.

As for the pedals , it is better to be automatic; they improve the performance on the bicycle, allowing to transmit more strength with the legs. In addition, they prevent injuries by keeping the knee always in the same position.

The saddle is a component that must be chosen personally. The width should be set according to the distance between the ischia (the lower bones of the pelvis), which in the case of women is usually greater, and the inclination of the body when pedaling. As we lean our body forward with a more sporting position, the distance between the ischia is decreasing. The most important of all is to sit by placing the ischium in the widest area of ??the saddle, this will ensure that the perineal and genital area is free of compressions ensuring a good blood flow to the legs.

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