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Trigger Point is a brand specialized in the manufacture of products for therapeutic and automotive purposes. The Trigger Point massagers are very versatile and provide the user with a wide range of different exercises and massages that can be performed in the comfort of home.

Trigger Point products are manufactured with the most advanced technologies to offer optimal results. They are ideal for cardio work and improve blood circulation. The massage rollers, the massage ball and the massage cylinders stand out. Trigger Point provides two different types of rollers to better treat the parts of the body that you want to massage:

- Trigger Point Quadballer : is a convex shaped roller specially designed to perform massages in the muscles of the quadriceps, biceps, buttocks, iliotivial band, lumbar region, and other parts of the body. - The Cold Roller Trigger Point : is a foam roller manufactured with one of the most advanced technologies, the Distrodensity Zones and, in addition, combines the traditional massage technique with the benefits of ice. By mixing these two factors self-massage is much more complete and efficient. With this device it is possible to achieve a homogeneous distribution of blood flow and oxygen, as well as to accelerate recovery after a hard workout and massage the parts of the body that need it most.

The Trigger Point cylinders have a very revolutionary lattice design that allows increasing the intensity of the massage. The massage ball is very versatile, since it offers a great variety of exercises, and it allows to massage those areas of the body that are hard to reach.

All Trigger Point products can also be used as a complement in a fitness training and make this practice a more comfortable and enjoyable exercise.

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