TSL Outdoor 305 Original Blue Snow Shoes (pair)

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The TSL Outdoor 325 Meteor Original snowshoe provides stability and grip in all types of snow. The combination of the 3D frame and the Original fastening will enable you to chain the different terrains with total simplicity. The new Easy Ascent hike will allow you to reach the summits without having to bend down. Mastered from the first steps, they fulfil their promises of grip, support and safety, thanks to the precise and fine tightening, for a good support of the foot.

- Figure size: allows a natural and comfortable gait
- 3D Design: Maximum grip under the foot, both on a slope and on ascent

- Telescopic fixing enables great flexibility at foot level
- Lock Adjustment: Easy to adjust, this setting allows you to save the memorisation of your boot
- Memory Lock System: system that enables a fast, optimal closure with memorisation of the front volume of the boot
- BOA Fit System technology
- Zip fastening that enables you to put it on quickly and precisely. Very fine grip
- Lateral Adjust: comfort is developed thanks to a lateral adjustment allowing to integrate the entire width of the footwear for an optimal wrapping of the foot
- Noise and shock absorber (SSAS)
- Easy Ascent automatic rise: it is activated with a simple pressure with the pole
- Bi-material comfort strap

- Front claw
- 6 interchangeable steel crampons

Accessories (not included):
- Adaptive S5 blades for optimal grip on the climb
- Fixedly adaptable grips for a good grip on hard snow

- Includes covers for storage and transport
- Sizes: 37> 45 (size 305)
- User weight: 30> 80 kg (size 305)
- Dimensions: 55 x 20.5 cm (size 305)
- Weight: 800 g x 2 (size 305)
- Crampons: 2 x 6
- Front: Yes

Noise and shock absorber patented by TSL to avoid unpleasant noise when walking through a silent countryside.

- BOA Fit System
System eliminating pressure points distributing the support evenly, the Boa Fit System also allows you to customise the adjustment with instant micro-adjustments for effortless precision and to insert or remove your foot quickly and easily from the fastening

- Easy Ascent
Rising lift that facilitates walking during long climbs and reduces calf muscle fatigue The rising lift is activated by simply pushing with the pole without needing to bend over.
Reference: TSL-PFRO773

Quick Overview

Technical snowshoe, stable and with good hooking, perfect for steep terrain.

Quick Overview

Technical snowshoe, stable and with good hooking, perfect for steep terrain.
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