TSL Outdoor Highlander Expedition Snowshoes Grey (Pair)

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The TSL Outdoor Highlander Expedition snowshoes, thanks to the Global Memory Fit Binding, fully memorise the shape of the boot (size and front volume). This allows excellent foot binding, in a wide range of sizes and in all situations. Once the presets have been set before each trip, they naturally fit to you in a few seconds.

The rocker allows you to begin the step in sync with the movement of the rest of the foot, as much in flat zones as in descents. The aggressive multi-tooth claw for maximum traction on steep slopes is made of stainless steel and will stand the test of time. The interchangeable grips located on the perimeter of the frame, provide an effective grip in all types of snow. The 3D design and hourglass shape help prevent you from slipping while going up, while providing enhanced grip for downhill sections. The structured frame and the crossbars help guarantee control and traction on soft and compact snow. The different composite teeth under the rear rocker of the snowshoe evacuate the snow for a good grip while descending. Whether on flat or inclined surfaces, initial contact with the snow is made using these 2 two-way, stainless steel crampons positioned beneath the base of the foot.

- Telescopic bindings for great foot flexibility
- Lock Adjustment: Easy to adjust, these fittings memorise your boot size for every time you put them on.
- Memory Lock System : System that allows to have a quick, optimal closing and with memorisation of the front volume of the boot
- Lateral Adjust: Greater comfort with their side adjustment system that will accept any width of shoe maximally surround the foot
- Ankle memory
- Zip fastening for fast and precise put on Exact fit
- Fabric comfort strap
- Sound and shock absorbing system (SSAS)
- Easy Ascent automatic rise: It's no longer necessary to bend down, simply pressing it with your pole is enough to activate it

- Includes covers for transport and storage
- Sizes: 37 > 44 (size S), 39 > 47 (size M), 41 > 50 (size L)
- User weight: 30 > 80 kg (size S), 50 > 120 kg (size M), 70 > 140 kg (size L)
- Dimensions: 52 x 19 cm (size S); 57 x 21 cm (size M); 67 x 22.5 cm (size L)
- Weight: 910 g x 2 (size S), 945 g x 2 (size M), 1015 g x 2 (size L)
- Side grips: 2 x 2
- Crampons: 2 x 2
- Front: Yes

- S.S.A.S
Patented TSL noise and shock absorber to avoid unpleasant noise when walking amongst quiet and peaceful nature.

- Easy Ascent
Climbing lifts facilitate walking during long ascents and reduce calf muscle fatigue. The rise is attached with a simple touch of the pole without the need to bend down.
Reference: TSL-PFRH191

Quick Overview

TSL's Highlander series of snowshoes has been created to adapt to the roughest terrain, ideal for lovers of great challenges.

Quick Overview

TSL's Highlander series of snowshoes has been created to adapt to the roughest terrain, ideal for lovers of great challenges.
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