TSL Outdoor ST Magnetic System Wrist Straps Grey Orange (Pair)

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The TSL Outdoor WT Magnetic wrist straps, in the form of ergonomic gloves, provide a real, comfortable and precise grip. Its breathable and comfortable fabrics, as well as its numerous reinforcements on its perimeter, contribute to a reactive transmission of forces and precise supports.

Attention: Only compatible with TSL Outdoor poles with Magnetic System technology

- Magnetic Strap System
Thanks to its magical, playful and unique technology, attaching your glove to the pole is now child's play. It is no longer necessary to aim well to attach your glove to the pole: it is the pole that best suits you. Safe and locked, there is no risk of unexpected release during walking. A simple pressure on the top of the pole is enough to free it. The index-less glove turns 360 º to provide greater freedom of movement.
Reference: TSL-PFEQ162-C

Quick Overview

Replacement wrist strap for TSL Outdoor poles with the Magnetic System.

Quick Overview

Replacement wrist strap for TSL Outdoor poles with the Magnetic System.
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