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Turbo trainers

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Do you want to know more about indoor trainers?

Indoor trainers allow you to continue training at home when you are unable to get out on your bike due to the weather or not having enough time. With these indoor trainers, you can train at home using your own bike. They offer an alternative to the traditional exercise bike.

There are two basic types of indoor trainers:

Rollers, are a construction of three cylinders on which the bicycle is placed without any type of fixture. The wheels spin the 3 rollers when we pedal . This system requires some initial training to be able to balance on top of the rollers. In fact, we recommend you have something nearby to support you. Since the bike is not attached, while working on our physical condition, we can also work on our balance, technique and correcting our bodies positioning on the bike. However we do not recommend this type for long workouts or strength training sessions.

Turbo trainers are a type of stable base which holds the bike stationary by elevating the rear wheel, they have just one roller which makes it spin. They feature a resistance regulator, which adjusts the resistance of the trainer in order to work on strength, pedal technique or carry out high intensity training intervals. They aim to simulate the resistance experienced on the road, depending on the condition and type of road, among other things.

Some models include electrical components such as as heart rate monitors, power meters, distance trackers and programmable workouts. The most sophisticated trainers would be those with virtual reality which allows you to simulate routes through a programmed console.

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