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Do you want to know more about the triathlon rollers?

The bicycle rollers are devices that allow you to train efficiently when it is not possible to practice cycling outdoors or do not have time to train daily. With our own conventional bicycle and rollers we can pedal inside the house. The rollers thus represent an alternative to the classic static bicycle.

There are two basic types of rollers:

The roller of rollers, which is formed by three cylinders on which the bicycle is placed without any type of fixation. The wheels spin the 3 rollers when we pedal . This system requires some initial learning because you have to maintain balance on the rollers. In fact it is advisable to have some kind of support nearby. As the bicycle is not subject, while we work the physical condition, we can improve the balance, the technique and the correct position of the body during the exercise. However, it is not recommended for prolonged workouts or for series of strength.

The fixed roller is a type of easel that fixes the rear wheel of the bicycle and has a single roller that rotates it. It has a resistance regulator to modify the hardness of the roller and to make series to work the force, the technique of pedaling or to make intervals of intensity. Its purpose is to create the resistance more similar to what we would find if we were on a road conditioned by the state and type of road among other things.

Some models incorporate electronic devices such as heart rate monitor, power meter and distance traveled or programmable routines. The most sophisticated model of fixed roller would be the virtual reality roller that allows to simulate routes through a programmed console.

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