TwoNav is a brand of products developed and marketed by the company COMPEGPS TEAM SL, which began their long journey by marketing products for controlling competitions related to paragliding. In 2001 they launched Air, a software specialised in aerial activities. In its first version, Air verified if the participants went through the waypoints set by the organisation. It was then that Air became the most used software in these types of competitions, shaping COMPEGPS TEAM SL’s reputation in this market.

Later, COMPEGPS TEAM SL continued to develop their software until launching the ground version of Air called Land. In 2006 the first GPS was born, exclusively designed by COMPEGPS TEAM SL: TwoNav Adventure. This was later followed by TwoNav Sportiva, TwoNav Sportiva +, TwoNav Delta, ...

The goal of COMPEGPS TEAM SL and their TwoNav products, is to provide users with tools for them to get the most out of outdoor activities. Their products focus on all kinds of activities: hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, geocaching, running and aerial sports. In this sense, they multiply the different agreements with the official mapping institutes of each country to offer the best digital mappers at a competitive price. The company’s open policy allows compatibility with many existing formats.

Likewise, COMPEGPS TEAM SL continue to develop and perfect their software to make the most of each venture and thus monitor the progress of the user. This allows them to always be next to the user and to maintain a very fruitful interactivity in order to continue to innovate constantly.

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